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Jul 01,  · Hong Kong is a city, not a country. Yet it has some features of a country which is defined by the principle “One country, Two systems”. Hong Kong is highly autonomous as one of two Special Admin Regions but its sovereignty is derived from PR China. It maintains all affairs like a .

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Jul 01,  · Hong Kong is a city, not a country. Yet it has some features of a country which is defined by the principle “One country, Two systems”. Hong Kong is highly autonomous as one of two Special Admin Regions but its sovereignty is derived from PR China. It maintains all affairs like a .
Aug 17,  · Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the major tourist and shopping areas of Hong Kong. With a high concentration of hotels, retail shops and commercial offices – it’s a/5(95).
China Hong Kong City (Chinese: 中港城; Jyutping: zung1 gong2 seng4) is a commercial complex including five office towers which have a shopping centre, office buildings, a hotel and a ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Post-handover, the colony of Hong Kong became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) and for official purposes is a part of China. But, for all intents and purposes, it is allowed to operate as an independent country.
Aug 17,  · Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the major tourist and shopping areas of Hong Kong. With a high concentration of hotels, retail shops and commercial offices – it’s a/5(95).

In an unprecedented move, Hong Kong has banned a pro-independence political party, causing outcry among critics who see the measure as another sign of China’s tightening grip over the city.

What NOT to do in a heat wave. Wildfires and deadly heat waves around the world. Scorching temperatures turn deadly in Asia. Japan suffers record-breaking heat wave. The Hong Kong Observatory HKO raised the storm signal to T10 -- the highest level possible -- Sunday morning local time, with the city almost entirely shut down.

Fierce winds have already torn off roofs, smashed windows and downed trees in Hong Kong, as authorities warned of the threat of storm surges and flooding from torrential rain. Mangkhut was recorded packing sustained winds of kilometers per hour miles per hour and gusts up to kilometers per hour miles per hour as the storm's eye passed south of the territory in the early afternoon, according to the HKO.

Mangkhut was expected to make landfall sometime Sunday evening in southern mainland China. Along the coast, the gambling enclave of Macau, which was hit hard by Super Typhoon Hato last August, closed all its casinos, and all fishing boats from China's Guangdong province have been called into port. A shop owner is rescued by members of the fire brigade from a flooded area of Macau on Sunday.

The storm is expected to be one for Hong Kong's record books. It's only the 15th time in the last 60 years that a storm has been classified as T10; the last was for Super Typhoon Hato last year. On Saturday, it plowed into the Philippines , flattening homes in small towns and villages on the northern island of Luzon.

The presidential spokesperson for Rodrigo Duterte told reporters Sunday that 40 people had died. Harry Roque said most of the deaths were due to landslides and mainly occurred in the Cordillera Administrative Region. The official death toll complied by the Philippines disaster agency still stands at zero as it instituted a stringent criteria for associating deaths with storms following Typhoon Haiyan in Hong Kong's famed Victoria Harbor was hit with a storm surge of more than 3.

Hong Kong's famous skyline, filled with massive buildings jutting up from the hill, was almost completely obscured as squalls roared through, however visibility has since improved. More than flights have been canceled at airports in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and more than have been delayed, according to Flightaware. Most of Hong Kong's public transport has been suspended.

Hong Kong authorities have been warning residents about the storm for days. On Saturday, grocery stores were packed with people stocking up on goods. Buildings across the city were either boarded up or had their windows taped in order to mitigate the damage of broken glass. Guangzhou, the capital and most populous city in Guangdong province, issued its highest typhoon emergency alert, according People's Daily, a state-run media outlet. More than , people have been evacuated.

Airports in Shenzhen, a technology hub across the border from Hong Kong, and on the resort island of Hainan have canceled all flights, according to Chinese state media. Mangkhut struck the northern Philippines as a super typhoon, causing flooding and landslides on the northern island of Luzon.

It made landfall in the Philippines Saturday at 1: Known locally as Ompong, Mangkhut ripped roofs off buildings, uprooted trees, blocked roads with debris and dumped water on fields of crops.

A man looks out of a damaged building in Hong Kong after Typhoon Manghkut. Evelyn Wigan wipes away a tear as she waits for news of missing relatives who were near the site of a deadly landslide in Itogon, Philippines. Rescuers in Itogon continue search operations on Wednesday, September Dozens have been confirmed dead in the landslide, and dozens are still missing. Workers in Hong Kong clean up scaffolding that had been knocked down by the storm. A man holds an umbrella as he walks past fallen trees in Hong Kong on Sunday, September Rescue workers wade through floodwaters during a rescue operation in Macau on September Huge waves surge in Shenzhen, China, on September Rescuers evacuate areas in Macau.

A taxi is left abandoned after breaking down in Hong Kong. Fierce winds and rain pierced this building in Hong Kong. The typhoon tore off roofs, downed trees and caused cranes to swing ominously. Rescuers assist a mother and her child after the deadly landslide in the Philippines. The landslide scarred this hillside. Strong winds churn waves on Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor. Hong Kong residents rest in a shelter on September A tree sits after falling onto a school bus in Hong Kong.

Debris from houses destroyed by Typhoon Mangkhut lay scattered on the ground in Tuguegarao city in northeastern Philippines, on Sunday, September Villagers look down an alleyway filled with seawater in Lei Yu Mun on Sunday.

People battle strong winds as they cross a street in China's Guangdong province on Sunday, September Workers transfer sacks of grains from a toppled truck in northeastern Philippines on Sunday, September A policeman walks through makeshift tent shelters damaged by strong winds in Tuguegarao. A man takes a photograph as waves crash over a promenade in Hong Kong, on Sunday. Residents stand by a flooded road in Tuguegarao city in northeastern Philippines, on Saturday, September A wave overwhelms a man as he tries to recover salvageable materials in Manila, Philippines, on Saturday, September People pray inside of a temple ahead of the arrival of Typhoon Mangkhut in Sanhe village, China, on Saturday.

Fishermen remove their boat from the water ahead of the arrival of Typhoon Mangkhut on the outskirts of Zhanjiang, China, on Saturday. Volunteers and police check on residents after Typhoon Mangkhut hit Tuguegarao, Philippines, on Saturday. A family shares a meal by flashlight inside a temporary evacuation center after electricity was shut off following the onslaught of Typhoon Mangkhut in the city of Tuguegarao, Philippines, on Saturday.

An elderly Filipino woman copes in the typhoon-hit town of Aparri, Philippines, on September Common menu items at these restaurants include macaroni in soup, deep-fried French toast, and Hong Kong-style milk tea.

Hong Kong developed into a major filmmaking hub in the late s, as a wave of Shanghai filmmakers migrated to the territory. These movie veterans helped rebuild the colony's entertainment industry through the next decade. Locally made gangster movies, romantic dramas, and supernatural fantasies became hugely popular.

Nevertheless, the city's film industry roots in martial arts can often be observed through the roles of the most prolific Hong Kong actors. At the height of the local movie industry in the early s, over films were produced each year. Since then, industry momentum shifted towards mainland China. The annual number of films produced has declined significantly, to around 60 in Cantopop is the genre of Cantonese popular music that emerged in Hong Kong during the s. This musical style evolved from Shanghai-style shidaiqu , influenced by Cantonese opera and Western pop as well.

Throughout the s, these movies and shows were exported outside of the territory and exposed Cantopop to a global audience. More recent contemporary artists such as Eason Chan , Joey Yung , and Twins continue to be popular within and outside the territory. Western classical music has historically had a strong presence in Hong Kong, and remains a large part of local musical education.

The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra , composed solely of classical Chinese instrumentation , is the leading Chinese ensemble counterpart and plays a large role in promoting traditional music in the local community. Despite its small area, the territory is home to a wide range of sports and recreational facilities.

The city has hosted a number of major sporting events, including the East Asian Games , the Summer Olympics equestrian events , and the Premier League Asia Trophy. Hong Kong represents itself separately from mainland China with its own regional sports teams in international competitions. Lee Lai-shan won the territory's first and only Olympic gold medal in the Atlanta Games. No longer part of the Commonwealth of Nations , the city's last appearance at the Commonwealth Games was in Dragon boat races originated as a religious ceremony performed during the annual Tuen Ng Festival.

The race was revived as a modern sport as part of the Tourism Board 's efforts to promote Hong Kong's image abroad. The first modern competition was organised in , and overseas teams began competing in the first international race in The Hong Kong Jockey Club holds a statutory monopoly on gambling and is the largest taxpayer in the territory.

Local publications are often overt in their political affiliations, showing either pro-Beijing or pro-democracy sympathies. The central government itself maintains a print media presence in the territory through the state-owned Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the special administrative region of China. For other uses, see Hong Kong disambiguation. For other uses, see HK disambiguation. Special administrative region of China. Show map of China.

Chinese [a] English [b]. History of Hong Kong and History of China. Architecture of Hong Kong. List of tallest buildings in Hong Kong. Demographics of Hong Kong and Hong Kong people.

Transport in Hong Kong. Culture of Hong Kong. Cinema of Hong Kong. Music of Hong Kong. Leslie Cheung left is considered one of the pioneering artists of the Cantopop genre. Andy Lau right , as a member of the Four Heavenly Kings , has been a perennial icon in Hong Kong music and film for the past several decades.

Sport in Hong Kong. Media of Hong Kong. Hong Kong portal China portal. Residents predominantly speak Cantonese , the de facto regional standard. A person without Chinese nationality who has entered Hong Kong with a valid travel document, has ordinarily resided there for a continuous period not less than seven years, and is permanently domiciled in the territory would be legally recognized as a Hongkonger.

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