Stretching Out the Waist of Leather Pants

Dec 01,  · Stretch leather apparel by wearing the item around the house. Leather stretches out naturally when it’s being used, so by simply wearing your leather pants, jacket, or skirt around the house, it will begin to stretch%(14).

But, do you think it will expand in the chest and arms area if I wear it often? Shop by Bottoms Size Women's. Purchase Women leather Leggings at very cheapest price from LeatherfashionOnline. Weigh down the opposing end of the leather using a rock, can, or other heavy source.

Nov 03,  · The leather is drying slowly, too slowly for my liking, but the technique seems to be solid gold. Some lessons learned about washing and/or stretching leather trousers: 1) The color bleeds like you won't believe.
The tough leather on bottom gives you more leeway on top, without feeling too fussy. Don't: Go for leather pants in those same pastel shades. In a very dark maroon or navy, colored pants can work, but hues far beyond that are better left to your extra styling pieces. Do: Reach for a blazer.
Great for Axl Rose costume. Love the stretch in the back. The back is not leather but does not take away from the look.
Nov 03,  · The leather is drying slowly, too slowly for my liking, but the technique seems to be solid gold. Some lessons learned about washing and/or stretching leather trousers: 1) The color bleeds like you won't believe.
Aug 07,  · Leather may stretch if you put it on some kind of stretching machine but just wearing them I highly doubt it. You could take it to an alteration shop and have them put some elastic in the waist.
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Appealing as the idea of leather trousers is, the reality is that they won't actually look good on me. Leather trousers look best on the young and skinny, and people who are young and skinny are.

If it's on the knees and thighs you'll be ok, the constant movement will strech them out. If it's in the crotch area where the seams are it may always remain tight as it will be more difficult for the leather to stretch sufficiently over the whole crotch area.

If they are uncomfortably tight I would adjust them or sell them, if they feel a bit tight because the leather is still quite stiff I wouldn't worry about it. Steve Strange is offline. I think it is the later, the crotch is fine for the most part just a little bit tight.

I'm figuring just by changing body poistioning around turns the crotch would be an area that would be stretched due to the constant pulling when shifting your but and droping your leg. Hammer 4 is offline. Also you may want to try wearing some type of liner silks or under armor under so they slide and don't bind until they are broken in.

Thanks for the advice. Little chilly for me so I'll give them another whirl next warm day. Nov 17, 59 Posts. Apr 15, 4, Posts. Not that all leather is the same but I had a VERY expensive leather couch that got damaged in a move and the backing got stretched when a mover put their fist into the backing.

A leather specialist used a machine that looked exactly like a blow dryer. The specialist said warm air causes leather to contract if stretched out.

It worked miracles on my couch He used very small amount of steam as well. May 23, 33, Posts Full Time Shopper. Even motorcycle leathers stretch eventually and they are made from outer-skin thick leather.

This will simply be sprayed onto specific parts of your leather as opposed to saturating it entirely. Mix 1 part isopropyl rubbing alcohol with 3 parts water. Combine the rubbing alcohol and water into a bowl, stirring it around.

Once the solution is mixed, pour it into an empty spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto targeted areas of your leather. Spray the solution onto the parts of the leather that you want to stretch out. Bend and stretch the parts that have the mixture on them. Wear the leather until the spots where you applied the alcohol are completely dry. If you've applied the alcohol to something other than a wearable item, bend and stretch the item using your hands.

Use a hairdryer to heat up the leather. Heat helps leather stretch by opening up the pores and making it soft. Wait until the leather is warm and soft before turning the hairdryer off. Wear thick socks if heating shoes. Once your socks and shoes are on, use the hairdryer to heat up your shoes.

Move your feet around in the shoes to stretch them out effectively. Make sure to wear your shoes as they cool off to ensure that they hold the stretch.

This can be a leather shirt, jacket, pants, or belt. Move around in it to stretch the leather out, and keep the article of clothing on until the leather is cool. Place a large plastic bag into your shoe. Line both of your shoes with a plastic bag, making sure that the bag is big enough to fill the entire shoe.

Use a plastic shopping bag as opposed to a large Ziploc bag if you have larger shoes. Fill the bag up with water. Check to see that water has reached the entire shoe, especially down near the toes.

Put both of your shoes into the freezer and wait for the water to freeze. Once the plastic bags are sealed, place your shoes in the freezer. Make sure they are sitting flat as opposed to on their side so that the water freezes correctly. Leave your shoes in the freezer overnight to ensure that the water freezes entirely. Remove your shoes from the freezer and let the ice melt.

Take your shoes out of the freezer after the water has completely turned to ice. The ice should have helped stretch out the leather, so now you can wait for the ice to melt. Once the ice has turned back to water, remove the water and plastic bags from your shoes.

To further stretch your pants, rub them down with a leather softener. Make sure to really rub the treatment into the leather to soften it (and subsequently stretch it). Wear your treated pants around the house until the softener has fully infiltrated the leather. Some labels make mixed-material leather leggings that feature panels of leather paired with rayon or other fabric, so you can get the look (and quality leather) . Feb 03,  · Do you think the leather will sort of ping back into shape once it cools down, being away from my body heat, or have these stretched out and got too big for good now? Has anyone else had a similar experience with these pants or any other leather pants? TIA.