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Mens 3 piece suits in wool, seersucker, and other fabrics to keep you looking fashionable. Cheap 3 piece suits with great designer styles and always affordable prices at Clothing Connection Online.

Two men's hands tie shoelaces. For this next outfit idea, you need to wear a medium toned blue two piece suit and wear it with a plaid pattern shirt underneath. Pants inseam is 30 in.

Suits look especially good on men with beards so here are some cool Full Beard Styles and Tips on Growing and Styling Full Beard Gray and black also make a perfect combo. Simply go for gray two piece suit and wear a black shirt underneath and go for patterned gray and black tie or a bow tie on your shirt.
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The blue suit is the new black suit for men. The darkness of the hue in navy is perfect office attire, while a cobalt or electric blue provides a playful look for any off-duty activities; be it a wedding or some dapper fun on the weekend.
Trends in men’s suits include sharp lines, close tailoring and shorter hems. Yes, the fitted suit offers guys an updated, sophisticated take on a look that’s traditionally left unaltered.
The Secret To Buying The Perfect Suit, No Matter Your Body Type

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Pinching the layers of fabric between the button holes will uncover if the jacket is canvassed. There are three main lapel types: The peak lapel is the most expensive to make - a pointed cut, commonly found on double-breasted suits.

It's a formal look and has a natural widening affect on the shoulders. If you're slim and narrow, opt for small peaks or larger peaks for larger gents. Peaks that end on the collar bone make you look taller and leaner, especially in darker tones. The notch lapel is the most common. The trend at the moment is for slim lapels and in a contrast colour, too.

The shawl lapel gets its heritage for the smoking parlours of the Victorian upper class, before modern tailors killed off the peak lapel for the shawl when reworking the tuxedo. Today, you'll find the black-tie only shawl lapel working its way onto window pane checked suits and more traditional corporate attire. Wool is the ultimate suit fabric and differs according to thread count: The higher the number, the finer and lighter the cloth will be.

The count affects the durability and softness and gives your suit asubtle brilliance. The optimal thread count is a super to Once you're in the s, however, the suit becomes more fragile due to its purity, so consider this when looking for a longer-lasting, everyday suit. Cashmere is very luxurious. Blended with wool, it gives a sheen to the suit, made famous by Italian tailors.

Linen is perfect for summer. It does crease easily but this forms character so don't get caught up by it. A heavier linen will retain its shape better, too. Keep these suits for parties and day wear. Seersucker, like linen, is designed to bunch a little giving it a casual, textural look. Ventilative and light, it's also great for warm weather.

The fit across the shoulders needs to be neat and natural. The sleeve or arm should fall from the tip of the shoulder edge to the wrist. Too wide on the shoulder and you look out of proportion; too short and it will pinch and sit up high on your shoulder making you look squished. The trouser conventionally comes in a medium break where the pants fall on your shoes. To avoid clumsy bunching, a slim trouser leg should finish just on the shoe, without covering your laces. The length of the jacket should finish no longer than mid-way down, and no shorter than the top of your backside.

Sleeve length should finish between nine centimetres above the knuckle of the thumb. Give it another two centimetres you're wearing cufflinks or a nice a patterned shirt where you want to show of the cuff. The three-piece suit is the most traditional.

Take your jacket off and a tailored look remains. The plaid suit or check suit was once seen too preppy and casual. Today, it has made a resurgence as a work-ready piece and standout party-goer. Darker wool hues are great for more formal occasions and winter; while pops of bright colour are designed for summer and the more Dandy at heart. Black men are able to pull off suit colors no one else can. Moreover, they can wear all the neutrals everyone else can wear. You can have more than one in a color, especially if one has pinstripes and one does not.

Play up those pinstripes with a shirt in a matching or complementary color. Solids are the most traditional "pattern" of the dress suit world. Dress suits for black men can be anything from rust to black, pale tan to charcoal gray. These practical, go-to suits can take you from business to dinner. Ask the salesmen for tweed or a heavier weight worsted wool.

While the fabric should be heavy, the color should be light. Lighter colors, thanks to their visual powers, make things appear more bulky in this case, you. Then you have the dubious distinction necessary to wear a three-button jacket. Since three buttons create height and length, tall guys, with their longer torsos, can pull this look off successfully.

While bulky and short guys would be advised to stick to two-button jackets, tall and skinny guys are eligible for this modish feature only button the top two buttons, though. With no junk in the trunk, tall, skinny men have two options for the vent: Sticking with a single-vent or ventless jacket produces a modest, fuller look in the rear.

The best way to prevent seeming any taller than you are is to ensure the pants have a longer rise; the rise of the pants, which is the distance from the waistband to the crotch, helps establish the proportions between the body and the legs. For vertically challenged guys, the choice of fabrics is wide open, while the option for loud patterns is not.

The print of an overly bold pattern screams for attention this is not good for you. Wearing a loud pattern, especially in a suit , will only draw attention to your diminutive frame. Lest you want to be perceived as having a Napoleon complex, choose quieter options that are erudite and subdued.

For short men, the next best thing to a shoe with a higher sole is a suit with vertical stripes. As stripes run top to bottom, they tend to draw the eye upward.

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